Development of an e-learning platform for the operation and management of biogas production units

Kick off Meeting

On 24-25th, October 2013, the Aitiip Centro Tecnológico (AITIIP) hosted the Kick off Meeting of ” Development of an e-learning platform for the operation and management of biogas production units – DELOS” project which is funded the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo Da Vinci and Grant Agreement n° 2013-1-ES1-LEO05-68066.

Overall the project aims at contributing to the improvement of education and training in the aforementioned field by offering complete and high-quality educational contents and a digital tool that will facilitate the accreditation of competencies.

More specifically, DELOS will demonstrate the process of anaerobic co-digestion of agro-industrial mixtures improving waste management status in the regions involved (Cyprus, Greece, Spain) and fostering renewable energy production and material recovery (in the form of compost) from exploitation of organic agro-wastes.

AITIIP is the Coordinator of DELOS Project, which consists of 3 more beneficiaries, with significant experience in the project’s fields:

SciCo Greece (GR) Partner
Green Technologies Ltd. Greece (GR) Partner
Marketmentoro Ltd. Cyprus (CY) Partner

The next planned event for Delos project is the second partners meeting, which will be hosted by Scico in Athens, Greece, on 2-3rd 2014, April, 2014 and will try to pin-point existing gaps in the process of anaerobic digestion of regional agro-wastes and its implementation, identify emerging and persisting threats, and propose possible improvements to EU policies and directives.