Development of an e-learning platform for the operation and management of biogas production units

Newsletter 4

JULY 2015

Dear Readers,

As our project approached its end, we would like to welcome you to our 4th and final issue of DELOS Newsletter! With our semi-annual newsletters, we kept you regularly updated on the progress of our project and make you aware of news related to DELOS, waste management and biogas production, which we hope have been of interest to you.

In this issue, we focus mainly on the final conference of the project and the implementation of the remaining pilot actions in Spain. Our training content has been developed based on the needs of the stakeholders and the biogas plants performance optimization.

We would like to thank DELOS Stakeholders for their significant role in the development and validation of our e-Learning units, which have been incorporated into the online platform.

Additionally, this final issue includes the latest consortium dissemination activities. Moreover, we kindly invite you to also regularly consult our website at

We are happy to invite you to follow our activities with this newsletter and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

The DELOS consortium

Development of an e-learning platform for the operation and management of biogas production units

Leonardo Da Vinci, Lifelong Learning Programme

Project No.


Main objective
DELOS aims at promoting the process of anaerobic digestion of regional agro-wastes (i.e. olive mill wastewaters, cheese whey, cow/ pig manure) as a promising environmental friendly process for biogas production.

Partner countries
Spain, Greece and Cyprus

Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, SciCo, Green Technologies Ltd, Marketmentoro Ltd.

The DELOS project is ending on the 30th of September 2015. In order to deliver on time the e-learning platform to our stakeholders, all project partners have put together a lot of efforts and energy during the last six months of the project life.

The DELOS stakeholders network is continuously growing in Spain, Greece and Cyprus, comprising energy companies, policy makers, academic organizations, waster producers, public authorities and operators and managers of waste treatment plants.

Each country’s stakeholders participated in the planned pilot actions, having contributed to the validation and finalization of the project’s e-learning modules. The pilot actions in Greece and Cyprus took place in early summer 2015. The pilot actions in Spain were organized by the coordinating organization, Aitiip, during the weeks of July 2015 and took place mainly in Zaragoza and the general Aragon region.

The participants in this pilot action covered a wide spectrum of stakeholders such as senior engineers employed by public regional and national authorities, university professors, researchers on biogas production, senior engineer responsible for biogas plant operation, technical personnel in constructing companies, etc. All participants obtained access to the DELOS platform and tested the material remotely using their own Internet connection. Following the pilot action, all participants filled the questionnaires sent to them in order to monitor their views through assessment of both the platform and the content.

Based on the feedback provided by the stakeholders during our pilot actions in Germany, Spain and Greece, the content of the e-learning units as well as the functionalities and the user friendliness of the platform have been improved to meet the stakeholders’ training needs.

4th project meeting

The final DELOS meeting took place in Zaragoza, Spain. The meeting agenda included updates in the workpackages progress and finalization of the last deliverables implementation. The meeting was hosted by the coordinator of DELOS project, Aitiip, in Zaragoza, Spain on September 15th and 16th, 2015.

Biogas is a renewable energy source, which is the digestion of agro and urban biowaste. For its potential and its high environmental value this technology is bound to stay with us. Biogas is also an excellent example of the “circular economy” concept that should serve as a model for other sectors.

Being aware of the importance of this technology, which in Spain, Greece and Cyprus (DELOS partner countries) still needs support, the DELOS consortium has developed a training course on management of biogas plants, to facilitate training of the pertinent industry workers, and also to help them to incorporate new skills and abilities into their existing capabilities. The final conference of DELOS aims to share those results with the project’s stakeholders.


The final conference was held on September 17th 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain. Attendance at the conference was free and open to the all interested companies and associations and the general public. The event began in the morning with the review of the current state of technology and industry related to biogas. In the afternoon there was a visit to a Spanish biogas plant.

Final Conference Image 1

The agenda for the final conference included invited talks from academic and industrial speakers well known in the biogas field:

10.00h: Opening and DELOS project presentation. Mrs Berta Gonzalvo, IDI Manager, Aitiip Technology Centre, Spain

10.45h: Biogas technology, progress and current challenges. Prof. Joan Mata, University of Barcelona, Spain.

11.45h: Roundtable: Biogas in context.

- Mr. Francisco Repullo, President of the Spanish Association of Biogas (AEBIG, Spain)

- Mr. Christos Zafiris, Biogas Unit Project Manager at Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES, Greece)

12.45h:  The European commitment to R & D

Mrs Paz Gómez, AINIA. DIGESMART Project

Prof. Michael Kornaros, University of Patras, Greece. DAIRIUS project

Mrs Paz Gómez AINIA, BIOGAS3 project

13.45-14.00h: Closing

15.00: 20.30h. Visit to a biogas plant in Undués de Lerda.

Final Conference Image 2

The activities of DELOS have been also disseminated by all partners through their business sites and social media pages (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn). The latest DELOS news were also emailed to the national contact points of Enterprise Europe Network in the partners countries for dissemination to their own portals and networks.

Final Conefence Image 3

An animation video, describing the biogas situation in Europe and the benefits offered by the DELOS project was prepared by partner SciCo and was released in numerous social media channels in late August 2015.

screenshot4 screenshot5